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BEST Online Metal Guitar Lessons 

Take one-on-one beginner, intermidate and advanced online metal guitar lessons  with the best teacher and guitarist in Los Angeles.

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    I offer the BEST online metal guitar lessons available on the web. One of the things sets me apart from other online metal guitar instructors is my quality of instruction. I have a very good ear and can recognize issues in sound quality such as guitar tone, string bending intonation, whether or not the string is bending to the right pitch, subtle mistakes in notes and phrasing as well as my attention to the rhythm. These are issues that students often have that I listen for and can provide suggestions for them to fix and how to practice. Sometimes it is a fingering that is incorrect which  I can provide a better solution or left hand technique and pitch recognition for bending ½, whole, 1 1/2 , 2 full step bends. 

   There is a mastery of technique that I teach which helps in the marriage of doing string bends and licks with the thumb over the neck combined with the knuckles being parallel to the fretboard for fast scale playing. Rhythm is also a common issue that most music instructors do not bring to the attention of their students. The ability to subdivide rhythm is crucial to practice intricate solo phrasings, recording their own music to a click track and or playing along to a record or live drummer. Most music instructors do not teach musicianship which guitarists are notoriously infamous for, at least the majority of musicians.

   My classical guitar background has taught me how to subdivide counting rhythms and practice tricky rhythmic figures. Students will learn about time signatures, tempo changes and pulse. Teaching musicianship allows my students to know how long to hold a bend, play a particular rhythmic figure or guitar lick without guessing. The without guessing part is the most important. Giving my students the piece of mind that the information I am providing them is correct and if they practice in the way I specify, they will accomplish their musical goals. 

   Musicianship also extends to ear training. Students will be able to identify chords and progressions, the key of music or tonic and scales aurally. This will give them the ability to learn the fretboard faster, learn songs by ear, learn improvisation and be able to play with others in a musical setting. Mot of all, students will learn how to play the notes that are inside their head which is the ultimate goal for a musician. These skills are extremely important in becoming a competent guitarist.
My competence for creating music on the guitar and teaching comes from over 15 years of combined education, being self taught, taking guitar lessons myself, playing live shows, recording and practicing. I have learned that works and doesn’t work in regards to the most efficient and effective way to learn to play guitar. I have taught many students impart my wisdom through conventional and unconventional methods. I give this information to each student in the best possible ways that they can understand the materials. I am very patient and non judgemental and provide small online lesson supplementals to help in between sessions. 

On the server side of things, my online guitar lessons are the best because I have a phenomenal internet connection using fiber. This allows me to have the smallest amount of ping possible which is how long information travels from me to you during the lesson. My connection is stable as can be and very reliable even during rough weather. This low ping makes it possible to feel as if you were in the same room as I in a guitar lesson. My connection also allows me to pull up my Ipad and use it as a whiteboard during the conference. This gives me the ability to bring up a music score and notate it with colors, write notes, bring up images and even videos of examples I am trying to teach. 
Along with this technology I use a usb interface that has two external mics. One mic goes to my guitar and the other to my voice. This gives the experience a crystal clear sound production and quality. They are balanced and one does not overpower the other. Give the online metal guitar lessons a try. First lesson is $35.