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      BEST Metal, Classical Guitar Lessons in Los Angeles | Lancaster CA | Palmdale | Antelope Valley | Online

David Paul is the prime guitar instructor in Los Angeles, Lancaster  CA, Palmdale, Antelope Valley and Online for metal and classical guitar lessons.


   David Paul serves in person acoustic and electric guitar lessons in Lancaster, California, Rosamond, Quartz Hill, Palmdale and the Antelope Valley. David Paul also offers online guitar and music lessons to Los Angeles and other remote locations.


   With over 15-years of education, performance and teaching, I make learning and progression on the guitar seamless so you can conquer your goals. I teach music theory, musicianship, composition, improvisation, scales, chords and technique. 

    If you want to be in a band, create or learn songs, I have you covered. I give high quality guitar lessons by providing solutions and insights to common problems that students have such as proper guitar technique, how to achieve guitar fretboard mastery, how to read music and count rhythms, how to play with a metronome to practice and record, how to use music theory for compositional writing, ear training, stage performance and creating music with other musicians.


   For in person guitar lessons, I provide the music scores tabs, or sheet music, music recordings, lesson recordings, guitar tuners, footstools, cables, guitar picks and music stands for the lesson. As for teaching materials I use my Ipad to write notes during our lesson, which you receive a copy of through email and my computer to play music such as the record or song we are learning or backing tracks we are playing to.  I also notate sheet music such as suggested finger rings, chord charts, rhythmic analysis and give written goals for you to check off until the next lesson. 

   For my remote students I also teach guitar lessons online which is also a great way to learn guitar. I use my iPad to write notes during the lesson and notate just as I would for in-person lessons. Latency is not an issue because I provide a stable connection using fiber optic internet which allows my signal to reach others quicker. Aside from my instruction, my connection for online guitar lessons for metal, classical or any other genre makes me top tier amongst all guitar instructors. One of the advantages of taking lessons online is being able to record the lessons and being able to review the content later. I am also able to video record on the spot to show how to practice a phrase, a rhythm, a progression, lick, or what we are learning. Teaching online is also great because students do not have to travel and can use their own equipment at the comfort of their home. As long as the student uses a laptop or pc the connection will be stable especially if all software and drivers are up to date. An ethernet connection is always most preferred.


   Aside from teaching guitar lessons I also provide instrument service which most teachers do no. These services are changing the guitar strings, cleaning the instrument and showing how to maintain your instrument. I also provide electric guitar setups which generally include a cleaning, straitening the neck, and intonating. I can also help in aiding in a search for a guitar to purchase as well as amps, software, pedals and strings. This value is included when learning from me.

   My biggest value however is as a guitar instructor. What separates me from other teachers and makes me the BEST at teaching metal, classical guitar lessons is imparting information that will cut down on your learning time through sharing practice insights and regiments. With my information and laser focus to details and problems solving from playing and learning experience  you will learn things correctly the first time and not have to correct things later on which is a major deterrent to guitar mastery. Along with this experience, I offer supplemental video instruction between lessons and give free guitar lessons on my blog. I am an open book to my students in between scheduled lessons and provide any feedback on progress or objectives that is being worked on. I also share my best practicing tips to work on for the week so students know exactly how to practice, what to work on and what the goal is. My guitar instruction is also not limited to teaching metal and classical. I also teach students who want to play rock, country, blues and other music genres on the electric and acoustic guitar. This value gives you your moneys worth and strong custom tailed lesson plan you will achieve your musical goals. If you are a music student I can help with the planned repertoire or ensemble materials that can help get you into a music school and or graduate.

  In addition to the lessons, what I share with my students includes musical guidance, mentorship and positive feedback in a nurturing non-judgmental environment. It is my mission for my students to enjoy the process of advancing their skills on the guitar and working towards their goals in an enthusiastic manner. It is my job to ease the passage of difficulty but also my pleasure in sharing in the joy and excitement of their musical growth. I believe that playing an instrument is a divine gift and I wish to share everything that I have learned to others to be able to find their own musical voice and tap into their creativity. I believe anyone at any age or experience can learn to play music. The youngest student I taught was 11 years old and the oldest was 75. They both have grown musically and have shown me that it is possible to learn this instrument with a careful, patient, compassionate overseer. There is nothing great than seeing my students achieve their guitar goals and be a part of their journey. 

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Jerry, Palmdale CA

Awesome teacher Who will only help you get better! You rock David thanks for being a great teacher!
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